Custom Power Supply Production by Power Controls, Inc.

Custom Power Supply Production by Power Controls, Inc.

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Power Controls, Inc. has been specifying, designing and manufacturing "custom" power supplies and specialty devices for 25 years at our Wallingford, Ct facility. Our products are used in a wide array of commercial applications. Some of which include, medical equipment, telephony, optics, computing, printing, machine control and battery backup systems.

Power Controls provides reliable, cost effective powering solutions to meet our customer's needs. Our production currently includes power supplies from 4 watts to 4000 watts. These power supplies are designed as stand alone products or as part of our customer's products, which are specific and exclusive to each customer


Power Controls strictly adheres to the product applicable standards such as U.L., C.S.A. and V.D.E..  Agency submittals (as required) may be completed within your finished product or as a separate listing/recognition.Regulated Power Supplies with Custom Applications

*All production is 100% tested for electrical operating performance.

*Multiple mechanical inspections, during the production cycle ensure mechanical conformity.

*Common production quantities are 100's to 1000's per year.

*Typical lead times from concept to pre-production are 4 to 8 weeks with a first production run within 8 week A.R.O..

Electronic manufacturing and engineering of custom power supplies.



Let us show you how we put as much commitment into our customers as we put into our products. Please contact us for information about your specific application and discover how easy and cost efficient "custom" can be.

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